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Version Release Date Notes
7.19.1 2017‑04‑13
  • Fixed issue where incorrect ad size was being forwarded to mediation networks for smart banner mediation.
7.19.0 2017‑03‑16
  • Added the openInlineBrowser() method to google_mobile_app_ads.js for opening a URL in a SFSafariViewController.
  • Added GADAudioVideoManagerDelegate to provide notifications for the start and pause/stop of audio and video ad playback.
7.18.0 2017‑02‑23
  • Added play, pause, and setMute methods to GADVideoController.
  • Added new delegate methods to GADVideoControllerDelegate corresponding to the start, pause, end, mute and unmute of video content.
  • Added support for rewarded video mediation adapters to opt in to early initialization before an ad request is made.
7.17.0 2017‑01‑31
  • Added nativeAdDidRecordImpression and nativeAdDidRecordClick to GADNativeAdDelegate.
7.16.0 2016‑12‑12
  • Added a video controller to dfpBannerView object.
  • GADNativeExpressAdView, GADNativeContentAd, GADNativeCustomTemplateAd, GADNativeContentAd, and GADNativeCustomTemplateAd video controller properties are now non-null.
7.15.0 2016‑11‑21
  • Added a GADMediaView property to GADNativeContentAd and GADNativeCustomTemplateAd.
7.14.0 2016‑10‑28
  • Moved mediation adapter headers into framework and global header.
  • For the kGADAdSizeFluid ad size, changing the banner's size no longer changes the banner view's frame size.
7.13.1 2016‑10‑20
  • Added support for in-app preview and troubleshooting in DFP.
7.13.0 2016‑10‑17
  • Added dependency on the JavaScriptCore framework.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
7.12.1 2016‑10‑05
  • Corrected nullability annotations for GADNativeAppInstallAd and GADNativeContentAd.
7.12.0 2016‑09‑28
  • Bug fixes for crashes involving GADStringFromCGFloat.
  • Added GADNativeAdViewAdOptions to specify the location of AdChoices in native ads.
  • Added the adNetworkClassName property to GADRewardBasedVideoAd.
7.11.0 2016‑09‑15
  • Removed dependencies on CoreBlueooth, EventKit, and EventKitUI frameworks.
  • Apps no longer need to provide text for NSCalendarsUsageDescription and NSBluetoothPeripheralUsageDescription when updating apps for iOS 10.
  • Removed MRAID 2.0 createCalendarEvent and storePicture support.
7.10.1 2016‑08‑26
  • Bug fix for crashes involving GADStringFromCGFloat.
7.10.0 2016‑08‑16
  • When associating native ads with a view, the view's userInteractionEnabled property is changed to NO to match the SDK's expectations.
  • Added dependency on MobileCoreServices.
  • Added an API to tell the ad network if the SDK version is at least major.minor.patch.
7.9.1 2016‑07‑18
  • Fixed bug affecting rewarded video mediation.
7.9.0 2016‑07‑13
  • Added GLKit, OpenGLES, CoreMotion and CoreVideo framework dependencies to improve and enhance ad rendering and quality.
  • Added the +[GADMobileAds configureWithApplicationID:] method. AdMob publishers should call this method with their application ID.
  • DFP publishers who use SDK mediation will no longer get the warning "mediated ad type is unknown or invalid".
7.8.1 2016‑05‑11
  • Added SDK support for automatically using location data when a user has explicitly enabled an app's location permissions.
7.8.0 2016‑04‑28
  • Added dependency on CoreBluetooth and SafariServices frameworks.
  • Added nullability annotations to the SDK's main header files for improved Swift optionals support.
  • Added support for GADAdSizeDelegate in ads with size kGADAdSizeFluid.
7.7.1 2016‑04‑06
  • Resolved issue with Native Ad click handling in scroll views.
7.7.0 2016‑02‑24
  • Added support for rewarded video ads.
  • Added support for bitcode. While this has increased the size of the SDK download, it will not significantly increase the size of app binaries. To change this setting for your app, go to your project's Build Settings and under the Build Options section, set Enable Bitcode to Yes.
  • Added a dependency on the MediaPlayer framework. You will need to link this framework to your app's binary. If you are using CocoaPods, run pod update.
  • Removed all references to userID in reward-based video APIs.
  • Calls to the loadRequest: method for GADInterstitial are always paired with an asynchronous didFailToReceiveAd:withError: or interstitialDidReceiveAd: delegate call. Fixed a corner case where this contract was not upheld.
  • Native Mediation: Added the ability for adapters to handle and report click events.
  • Search ads: Added support for dynamic height.
7.6.0 2015‑12‑07
  • Protocol methods for mediation adapters have been regrouped/moved to make them simpler.
  • Corrected the capitalization of the didFailToLoadWithError message in the GADRewardBasedVideoAdDelegate protocol.
7.5.2 2015‑10‑16
  • Bug fixes.
7.5.1 2015‑09‑30
  • Fixes crashes in GADStatisticsCore.
7.5.0 2015‑09‑22
  • SDK no longer uses UIApplication's canOpenURL method on iOS 9 devices.
  • Fixes issue where GADNativeAdDelegate protocol.
  • methods were not called.
  • GADAdLoaderDelegate's adLoader:didFailToReceiveAdWithError callback is now called if no ad types are requested.
7.4.1 2015‑08‑13
  • Fixes a crash that occurs when the user completes an in-app purchase for a product whose identifier contains a special character.
7.4.0 2015‑07‑30
  • MRAID v2 beta version.
  • Added new global settings for crash reporting and automatic in-app purchase (IAP) tracking. If automatic in-app purchase tracking is enabled, this removes the dependency on the Conversion Tracking SDK for reporting IAP conversions.
  • The adUnitID property on GADInterstitial is now readonly.
  • Added APIs for reward-based video mediation.
  • Deprecated setLocationWithDescription: on GADRequest. Use setLocationWithLatitude:longitude:accuracy: instead.
7.3.1 2015‑05‑28
  • Added support for app install and content native ad formats across AdMob, DFP, and Ad Exchange.
  • Added support for custom native ad formats, available for DFP reservations.
  • Fixed a regression introduced in 7.2.0 where smart banners displayed incorrectly in landscape on iOS 8.
7.2.2 2015‑05‑07
  • Fixes the following warning when uploading to the App Store:
    The app references non-public selectors in Payload/():clientId,screenName,setScreenName.
7.2.1 2015‑04‑30
  • Simulators once again load live ads by default. Add kGADSimulatorID to the testDevices property on GADRequest to get test ads on simulators.
  • Added ability for mediation adapters and custom events to record clicks for interstitials.
  • Added minor improvements to custom event APIs.
  • Added GADInterstitial initWithAdUnitID: and deprecated GADInterstitial init.
  • Deprecated the setValidAdSizesWithSizes method in DFPBannerView. Use DFPBannerView.validAdSizes instead.
7.1.0 2015‑04‑01
  • Requires linking against CoreMedia.framework.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
7.0.0 2015‑02‑03
  • Dropped support for iOS 5.
  • Released SDK as a framework.
  • Removed dependency on the -ObjC linker flag.
  • Improved ad loading time on iOS 8.
  • Added requestAgent property to GADRequest. Third-party integrations should set this property to denote the platform from which the request originated.
  • Added new DFPRequest class, which supports custom targeting and category exclusions.
  • Moved publisherProvidedID property from DFPExtras to DFPRequest.
  • Replaced GADAdMobExtras and DFPExtras with a single GADExtras class.
  • Deprecated GADBannerView's hasAutoRefreshed property.
  • Removed the GAD_SIMULATOR_ID macro—test ads are automatically enabled in the simulator when using GADBannerView and GADInterstitial.
  • Removed GADRequest's mediationExtras, additionalParameters, and testing properties.
  • Deprecated GADRequest's setBirthdayWithMonth:day:year:.
  • Removed GADRequest's addKeyword: method.
  • Removed DFPSwipeableBannerView class.
6.12.2 2014‑11‑06
  • Turned off bouncing for banner ads.
  • Fixed crash occurring in DumpViews.
6.12.0 2014‑09‑18
  • Official release for iOS 8 support.
  • Ad loading takes less time on the main thread on iOS 8.
  • Smart Banner ads are correctly displayed in landscape on iOS 8.
  • Requires linking against two new frameworks: EventKit and EventKitUI. These are auto-linked if modules and auto-linking frameworks are enabled.
  • Deprecated mediatedAdView property on GADBannerView.
  • Removed the previously deprecated loadAndDisplayRequest:usingWindow:initialImage: method on GADInterstitial.
6.11.1 2014‑08‑07 Corrected banner view initialization from nibs.
6.10.0 2014‑07‑17
  • Ads now default to opening in Safari instead of the in-app browser. The creative can override this behavior by specifying mraid.expand() or admob.opener.openOverlay().
  • Swipe gestures have been disabled on DFPBannerView.
  • DFPSwipeableBannerView has been deprecated in favor of DFPBannerView.
6.9.3 2014‑06‑12
  • The loadAndDisplayRequest:usingWindow:initialImage method on GADInterstitial has been deprecated.
  • Unbundled analytics packages from SDK resulting in (9.6 -> 3.4)MB SDK size reduction. The analytics SDK can be downloaded here.
  • The contentURL property on DFPExtras has been moved to GADRequest.
  • Various bug fixes.
6.9.2 2014‑05‑07
  • Dropped support for iOS 4.3. The SDK supports iOS 5.0 and higher and now provides ARC weak references.
  • Added a 320x100 large banner format, with constant kGADAdSizeLargeBanner.
  • Added a new interstitial format to launch in-app purchases. Set the inAppPurchaseDelegate property on GADInterstitial to handle in-app purchase events.
6.8.0 2014‑01‑24
  • Improved ad targeting.
  • Required to link against the CoreTelephony framework.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when the device enters airplane mode.
6.7.0 2013‑12‑12
  • Improved performance of ads when placed inside a UITableView.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
6.6.1 2013‑11‑13 Fixed some memory leaks when using mediation.
6.6.0 2013‑11‑05
  • Required to link against the AVFoundation framework.
  • Added support for arm64 and x86_64 architectures.
  • Significantly reduced library size.
  • Added adNetworkClassName property on GADBannerView and GADInterstitial.
  • Fixed bug where DFP app events were not firing for interstitials.
  • Bundled the Ad Exchange HTML adapter directly into the library. Ad Exchange developers no longer need to link libAdapterHtml.a separately.
6.5.1 2013‑08‑29 Hides the status bar for full-screen views on iOS 7.
6.5.0 2013‑07‑16
  • Fixed GADBannerView resizing bug.
  • API change for COPPA field in GADRequest.
  • Passes Apple's IDFA in the ad request.
  • Updated mediation warning messages for linker flag usage.
6.4.2 2013‑05‑20 Fix for recurring GADMRAIDInterceptor issue.
6.4.1 2013‑04‑18 Fixed a crash that occurred when the Advertising Identifier is nil.
6.4.0 2013‑04‑08
  • Fixed GADInterstitial crashing when app is running in the background.
  • Fixed a GADMRAIDInterceptor threading crash.
  • Fixed a bug so that interstitial delegates now receive interstitialWillLeaveApplication.
  • Renamed MD5 symbols to prevent duplicate symbol errors.
  • Added support for receiving test ads when using AdMob through mediation.
  • Test ads are only available on devices running iOS 6+.
  • Removed all uses of UDID.
6.3.0 2013‑02‑14
  • Added a logging statement that provides the ID to pass to request.testDevices to enable test ads on a specific device.
  • Added support for test ads on iOS 6.
  • Fixed a crash in GADMraidInterceptor.
6.2.1 2012‑10‑16
  • Required to link against the StoreKit framework.
  • Fixed a crash for when app is rotated before first mediation ad is received.
6.2.0 2012‑09‑26
  • The -all_load flag is no longer necessary when building for ARMv7s; the -ObjC flag is still required.
  • Required to link against the AdSupport framework.
  • Required to use Xcode 4.5 and build against iOS 6. The minimum deployment is iOS 4.3.
  • The SDK has removed ARMv6 instructions, and now includes ARMv7s instructions.
  • Uses Apple's Identifier For Advertising (IDFA) for iOS 6 and UDID for versions below iOS 6.
  • Various bug fixes for iOS 6.
  • Compatibility of in-app browser for the taller screen of iPhone 5.
  • Compatibility with autolayout for iOS 6.
6.1.4/5 2012‑08‑09
  • Bug fix for third-party click/impression tracking.
  • DFPBannerView can be created without having an initial size. Make sure validAdSizes is set before loading a loading a request.

6.1.5: This version utilizes the universal device identifier (UDID). Apps utilizing this version must obtain appropriate user consent for sending device identifier information in compliance with relevant iOS policies.

6.1.1/2 2012‑07‑19
  • Fixed MRaid Interceptor crashing when accessing nil key issue.
  • Publishers will need to add an -all_load flag when using the SDK.
  • Added DFPBannerView, DFPInterstitial, and DFPExtras objects specifically for DFP publishers.
  • New DFP feature: Multiple ad sizes.
  • New DFP feature: App Events.
  • DFP, Search, and Mediation headers are now included in the "Add-ons" subfolder, thus no longer requiring separate downloads.
  • Known issue: When using GADBannerView with Interface Builder, the frame size needs to be set explicitly before loading a request.

6.1.2: This version utilizes the universal device identifier (UDID). Apps utilizing this version must obtain appropriate user consent for sending device identifier information in compliance with relevant iOS policies.

6.0.3/4 2012‑05‑10
  • Added frequency capping.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

6.0.4: This version utilizes the universal device identifier (UDID). Apps utilizing this version must obtain appropriate user consent for sending device identifier information in compliance with relevant iOS policies.

6.0.1 2012‑04‑19
  • Added ad network mediation.
  • Mediation includes ability to mediate house ads and custom events.
  • Added MRAID v1.0 support for all versions of the iOS platform.
  • Deprecated GAD_SIZE_#x# macros in favor of GADAdSize constants.
  • Added support for full-width ads through the new GADSize constants: kGADAdSizeSmartBannerPortrait and kGADAdSizeSmartBannerLandscape.
  • GADRequest now uses registerAdNetworkExtras: to set extras. The additionalParameters property has been deprecated.

As of version 5.0.8, the iOS SDK does not reference uniqueIdentifier.

5.0.8 2012‑03‑30
  • Removed any references made to uniqueIdentifier, a deprecated UIDevice property.
  • The testDevices property has been deprecated in favor of the now un-deprecated testing property.
5.0.5 2011‑11‑30
  • Added support for additional Rich Media interstitial ad formats for iPhone and iPad. This update will be forward-compatible with all future interstitial ad formats.
  • Improved interstitial impression tracking.
  • GADInterstitial has always been a one-time-use object, but it will now gracefully fail by calling didFailToReceiveAdWithError: on any requests to load or display an interstitial after the first request.
5.0.4 2011‑10‑28 Fix oversized buttons on retina displays in in-app browser.
5.0.3 2011‑10‑24
  • Custom search ads integration.
  • iOS 5.0 support.
  • Faster interstitial loads.
  • Modal view controller ad presentation fix.
  • Fixed anchor tag behavior.
4.1.1 2011‑07‑18
  • Additionally certified on iOS 5.0 Beta 3.
  • GTMStringEncoding has been namespaced to avoid linker collisions with other libraries.
  • In-app browser closes itself for misconfigured App Store ads.
  • Fixed memory leaks in the SDK.
  • Fixed click tracking problems with DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) banners.
  • Fixed a couple of very rare crashes.
  • DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) official release version.
4.1.0 2011‑05‑02
  • All view controllers are properly dismissed when a close is issued from JavaScript on a view controller obscured in the stack of view controllers.
  • Added support for server-provided AFMA interstitial timeouts.
  • Test mode is now a enabled by white listing device IDs.
  • Added a method for re-using the same UIWebView in a banner and Rich Media Overlay.
  • Added device submodel to the onshow dictionary.
  • Fixed memory leaks in GADBrowserController and UIWebViews.
  • App-open interstitial view controller locks itself into portrait to remove a warning log from the console.
  • Any 5xx HTTP response codes now return a "server error" instead of a "network error".
4.0.2 2011‑03‑15 General Availability release.


Version Release Date Notes
10.2 2017‑2‑15
  • Google Play services 10.2.x is the first release that no longer includes full support for Android version 2.3.x (Gingerbread). Apps developed using SDK release 10.2.x and later require a minimum Android API level of 14 and cannot be installed on devices running an API level below 14. To learn more about your options, including building multiple APKs to extend your app's support for Android Gingerbread, see the Android Developers Blog.
  • Added support for video assets for Native Advanced content and custom template ads.
  • Added the getVideoController(), setVideoOptions(), and getVideoOptions() methods to the PublisherAdView class.
  • Added the AdChoicesView class.
  • Added the getAdChoicesContent() and setAdChoicesContent() methods to the NativeAdMapper class.
  • Added the InitializableMediationRewardedVideoAdAdapter interface for rewarded video mediation adapters that want to opt in to early initialization before an ad request is made.
  • Added support for in-app preview and troubleshooting in DFP.
10.0.1 2016‑11‑21
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.
9.8.0 2016‑10‑24
  • MobileAds.Initialize(Context) has been un-deprecated. DFP and Ad Exchange publishers should call this method when initializing their apps. AdMob publishers should still use MobileAds.Initialize(Context, String) and pass their application code.
9.6.0 2016‑09‑22
  • Added the MediaView class for Native Ads Advanced video ads.
  • Added an openDebugMenu() method to the MobileAds class for creative preview and troubleshooting of DFP ad units.
  • Added support for rewarded video custom events.
9.4.0 2016‑08‑01
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.
9.2.0 2016‑06‑27
  • Added the setAdChoicesPlacement() method to the NativeAdOptions.Builder class, which app publishers can now use to specify the location of their AdChoices in native ads.
  • Video ad playback has been improved with several bug fixes.
9.0.1 2016‑05‑26
  • Resolves a ProGuard issue introduced in 9.0.0. Publishers no longer need a keep option for
9.0 2016‑05‑18
8.4 2015‑12‑18
  • Added a public method, MobileAds.setAppVolume(), to inform the Mobile Ads SDK of an app's current volume level.
  • Implemented bug fixes and improvements.
8.3 2015‑11‑6
8.1 2015‑09‑24 Various bug fixes.
7.8 2015‑08‑13
7.5 2015‑05‑28
  • Added support for app install and content native ad formats across AdMob, DFP, and Ad Exchange.
  • Added support for custom native ad formats, available for DFP reservations.
7.3 2015‑04‑28 Various bug fixes.
7.0 2015‑03‑19
6.5 2014‑12‑08
  • Introduced split JAR architecture--Android Studio developers can now just include the ads portion of Google Play services by depending on‑services‑ads:6.+.
    Note: Apps that create banner ads in XML must still reference the entire library‑services:6.+.
  • Various bug fixes.
6.1 2014‑10‑08
  • Added a getLocation() method to
  • Added a content description to the interstitial close button for accessibility.
  • Removed logging of "Google Play resources not found" when the library project is linked correctly.
  • Added getMediationAdapterClassName() to AdView to get the class name of the ad network mediation adapter currently showing an ad.
5.0 2014‑06‑25
  • Added new APIs to implement Custom Events.
  • Added default purchase flow for In-App Purchase, using the Google Play Billing API.
4.4 2014‑05‑07
  • Added new Mediation Adapter APIs.
  • Added new 320x100 LARGE_BANNER ad format for both phones and tablets.
  • Added new interstitial format for In-App Purchase. Set an InAppPurchaseListener on InterstitialAd to listen for in-app purchase events.
  • Bug fix for SecurityException crash due to reading gservices without permission.
4.3 2014‑03‑17
  • InterstitialAd now functions if passed an application context.
  • Added the setContentUrl() method to PublisherAdRequest.Builder.
  • Fix for exception when Service not registered.
4.2 2014‑02‑03 Various bug fixes.
4.1 2014‑01‑16
  • Added support for DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), Ad Exchange, and Search Ads for Mobile Apps.
  • AdRequest.Builder now has a setLocation() method.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if an interstitial ad was requested but AdActivity wasn't specified in the manifest.
4.0 2013‑10‑31
  • Google Mobile Ads APIs are now part of Google Play services.
  • Future updates to the Google Mobile Ads APIs get automatically pushed to devices through Google Play services.
  • DFP, Ad Exchange, and Search Ads for Mobile Apps not yet supported.

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