Get set up as a tester with App Distribution

When you first distribute an app using the Firebase console or a CLI tool (Firebase CLI, fastlane, or Gradle), App Distribution emails the tester an invitation with instructions on how to install and test the build.

This guide describes how to install and test a new app distributed through App Distribution from a tester's point of view. For answers to frequently asked questions or help with troubleshooting, read the troubleshooting guide.

Step 1: Sign in with Google to accept the invitation

  1. On an Android device, open the invitation in your email.

  2. When prompted, sign in with Google and accept the invitation to test the app.

Once you accept an invitation, you're given access to install the test app. You also receive build notification emails from Firebase when the app's developer distributes a new build and includes you as a tester.

Step 2: (Optional, recommended) Download Firebase App Tester

If you haven't already, download the Firebase App Tester app, which lets you install and access all your test apps in one place. You can download Firebase App Tester from the in-browser prompt that appears after you accept the invite, or by navigating to on your Android device.

If this is your first time installing Firebase App Tester, you'll need to sign into the app with the same Google account you used to accept the invitation.

If you need to install unknown apps, see App doesn't indicate that the app is installed.

Step 3: Download the build in Firebase App Tester

In Firebase App Tester, select the app you want to install and tap Download. Apps you install through App Tester are automatically added to your device's home screen.

Download AAB releases

To download an Android App Bundle (AAB) release, complete the following one-time steps on your test device (these instructions are also displayed when you begin downloading the release):

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.

  2. Tap Menu > Settings

  3. In the About section, tap the Play Store version seven times.

  4. When the setting appears, tap the Internal app sharing switch to turn it on.

Delete your tester account

To delete your App Distribution tester account and its data, see the App Distribution troubleshooting & FAQ.