Manage testers in App Distribution

This document describes how to manage testers in App Distribution, including the following tasks:

  • Add and remove testers from a Firebase project.
  • Import testers from CSV files.
  • Add and remove testers from a group.
  • Create invite links.

Manage testers and groups

You can manage your project's testers in the Testers & Groups tab of the App Distribution page (in the Firebase console). This tab allows you to:

  • Add new testers or remove existing testers from your Firebase project. Once a tester is added to your Firebase project, you can add them to individual releases. Testers who are removed from a Firebase project no longer have access to releases in your project, but they may retain access to your releases for a window of time. You can also add or remove testers when setting up a distribution of your app. For more information, see the distribution guide for the Firebase CLI, fastlane, or Gradle.

  • Import testers from CSV files.

    The CSV file must contain the tester's email address. It can also contain the tester's name (optional) in the same row. For example:,Ali Smith
    Cal Nguyen,
  • Add testers or remove existing testers from a group. For example, you could create one group for your iOS testers and another for your Android testers. You can then invite all of a group's members to test a new build.

Invite links are an optional, easy way to increase your internal testing base by allowing users to add themselves to your list of app testers. An invite link is a unique URL that lets testers enter their email addresses to sign up to test an app.

You create an invite link in the Invite links tab of the App Distribution page, which is located in the Firebase console. We recommend that you add a domain restriction and a group. To learn more, see Domain restrictions and Groups.

Domain restrictions

A domain restriction allows only those testers with an email address matching the domain, for example "," to sign up to test the app.


Adding a group to an invite link means that testers who sign up are automatically added to that group. When a tester is added to a group, they are added to the latest release and any future releases that the group is given access to.

Export test device UDIDs

When testers sign up to test your release, you can export your testers' device names and identifiers in a CSV file and update them all at once to your app's provisioning profile. See Register additional devices for instructions.

Tester limits

Firebase App Distribution has the following tester limits:

  • Add a maximum of 500 testers to a Firebase project

  • Add a maximum of 200 testers to an App Distribution group

To add more testers, request a no-cost limit increase.