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When you add support for universal links on iOS 9 or higher, App Indexing uses HTTP URLs to direct users to content in your app from Google Search results. App Indexing for iOS only surfaces links to public content in the search results, however. Your app name and icon do not appear on the search result.

If you've already followed the instructions to support universal links in your app, you can skip this section and preview your search results using the tool in Test your implementation. Otherwise, do the following:

  1. Add handling for universal links to your app.

    Adopt the UIApplicationDelegate methods so that your app opens the appropriate app content in response to the user's click from search results.

  2. Create the app-to-site association. This involves two things:
    1. Add a entitlement in Xcode that lists each domain associated with your app.
    2. Create an apple-app-site-association file for each associated domain with the content your app supports and host it at the root level.

      Note: The association file must be hosted on a domain that supports HTTPS/TLS, even if the HTTP HTTP URLs are not themselves served via HTTPS.

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