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Firebase Notifications is a free service that enables targeted user notifications for mobile app developers.

Built on Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and the FCM SDK, Firebase Notifications provides an option for developers and organizations seeking a flexible notification platform that requires minimal coding effort to get started, and a graphical console for sending messages. Using the Notifications console GUI, you can reengage and retain your userbase, foster app growth, and support marketing campaigns.

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Key capabilities

Notifications integrates closely with Firebase Analytics, allowing you to target notifications by custom audience. Also, you can target predefined user segments for app, version, and language. With notifications targeted to user segments, you can contact exactly the right user audience for updates on available upgrades, new features, or other news.

Notifications analytics Analyze reengagement conversion with built-in notifications analytics collection and funnel analysis.
Versatile message targeting Target clients in predefined user segments, custom analytics audiences, clients subscribed to topics, and single devices.
Flexible message scheduling Deliver notifications (up to 2kb) immediately, or at a future time in the client's local time

How does it work?

Sending notifications

Use the Notifications console GUI to compose and send notifications to all supported message targets. Firebase Cloud Messaging handles the routing and delivery to targeted devices.

When your app is in the background on a user's device, notifications are delivered to the system tray. When a user taps on the notification, the app launcher opens your app. If you want, you can also add client message handling to receive notifications in your app when it is already in the foreground on the user's device.

Implementation path

Set up the FCM SDK Add one line of code to add the FCM dependency to your app.
Send notifications from the Notifications console Open the Notifications console and start sending notifications to user segments.
(Optional) Add message handling Add message handling logic to your client app in order to receive notifications in your app when it is already in the foreground on the user's device.

Next steps

  • Follow the iOS or Android guides to add the FCM SDK as a dependency in your app, and try sending a notification to the predefined version user segment. Select the version of the app you're developing, and the notification is delivered on your test devices.

  • Run the FCM quickstart for iOS or Android. These samples illustrate how to use the Notifications console to send a message to a single device.

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