Owner, Editor, and Viewer roles

Basic roles (Owner, Editor, and Viewer) are fundamental roles for IAM and include different levels of access permissions for all the Firebase products and services.

The following table summarizes the permissions included in each role. Learn more about basic roles in the Google Cloud documentation.

Note that basic roles were formerly called "primitive" roles.

Assign these roles to project members using the Firebase console or the Google Cloud console.

Role Permissions
Permissions for read-only actions, such as viewing (but not modifying) existing resources or data.
All the Viewer role permissions, plus permissions for actions that modify state, such as changing existing resources.
All the Editor role permissions, plus permissions for the following actions:
  • Manage roles and permissions for a project and all resources within the project.
  • Set up billing for a project.
  • Delete or restore a project.

Importance of assigning the Owner role

To ensure proper management of a Firebase project, it must have an Owner. A project's Owner is the person who can perform several important administrative actions (like assigning roles and managing Google Analytics properties), and Firebase Support can only fulfill administrative requests from demonstrated project Owners.

After you set up the Owner(s) for a Firebase project, it's important to keep those assignments up-to-date.

Note that if a Firebase project is part of a Google Cloud organization, the person who manages your Google Cloud organization can perform many tasks that an Owner can do. However, for several Owner-specific tasks (like assigning roles or managing Google Analytics properties), the administrator may need to assign themselves the actual Owner role to perform those tasks.