Available options to pass to initializeApp().



Optional credential

credential: Credential

A Credential object used to authenticate the Admin SDK.

See Initialize the SDK for detailed documentation and code samples.

Optional databaseAuthVariableOverride

databaseAuthVariableOverride: Object | null

The object to use as the auth variable in your Realtime Database Rules when the Admin SDK reads from or writes to the Realtime Database. This allows you to downscope the Admin SDK from its default full read and write privileges.

You can pass null to act as an unauthenticated client.

See Authenticate with limited privileges for detailed documentation and code samples.

Optional databaseURL

databaseURL: undefined | string

The URL of the Realtime Database from which to read and write data.

Optional httpAgent

httpAgent: Agent

An HTTP Agent to be used when making outgoing HTTP calls. This Agent instance is used by all services that make REST calls (e.g. auth, messaging, projectManagement).

Realtime Database and Firestore use other means of communicating with the backend servers, so they do not use this HTTP Agent. Credential instances also do not use this HTTP Agent, but instead support specifying an HTTP Agent in the corresponding factory methods.

Optional projectId

projectId: undefined | string

The ID of the Google Cloud project associated with the App.

Optional serviceAccountId

serviceAccountId: undefined | string

The ID of the service account to be used for signing custom tokens. This can be found in the client_email field of a service account JSON file.

Optional storageBucket

storageBucket: undefined | string

The name of the Google Cloud Storage bucket used for storing application data. Use only the bucket name without any prefixes or additions (do not prefix the name with "gs://").