Interface representing a tenant configuration.

Multi-tenancy support requires Google Cloud's Identity Platform (GCIP). To learn more about GCIP, including pricing and features, see the GCIP documentation

Before multi-tenancy can be used on a Google Cloud Identity Platform project, tenants must be allowed on that project via the Cloud Console UI.

A tenant configuration provides information such as the display name, tenant identifier and email authentication configuration. For OIDC/SAML provider configuration management, TenantAwareAuth instances should be used instead of a Tenant to retrieve the list of configured IdPs on a tenant. When configuring these providers, note that tenants will inherit whitelisted domains and authenticated redirect URIs of their parent project.

All other settings of a tenant will also be inherited. These will need to be managed from the Cloud Console UI.



Optional displayName

displayName: string

The tenant display name.

Optional emailSignInConfig

emailSignInConfig: object

The email sign in provider configuration.

Type declaration

  • enabled: boolean

    Whether email provider is enabled.

  • Optional passwordRequired?: boolean

    Whether password is required for email sign-in. When not required, email sign-in can be performed with password or via email link sign-in.


tenantId: string

The tenant identifier.



  • toJSON(): Object
  • Returns Object

    A JSON-serializable representation of this object.