Konsola git

Interface representing a user to import to Firebase Auth via the importUsers() method.



Optional customClaims

customClaims: Object

The user's custom claims object if available, typically used to define user roles and propagated to an authenticated user's ID token.


disabled: boolean

Whether or not the user is disabled: true for disabled; false for enabled.

Optional displayName

displayName: string

The user's display name.

Optional email

email: string

The user's primary email, if set.


emailVerified: boolean

Whether or not the user's primary email is verified.


metadata: UserMetadata

Additional metadata about the user.

Optional passwordHash

passwordHash: Buffer

The buffer of bytes representing the user’s hashed password. When a user is to be imported with a password hash, UserImportOptions are required to be specified to identify the hashing algorithm used to generate this hash.

Optional passwordSalt

passwordSalt: Buffer

The buffer of bytes representing the user’s password salt.

Optional phoneNumber

phoneNumber: string

The user's primary phone number, if set.

Optional photoURL

photoURL: string

The user's photo URL.

Optional providerData

providerData: UserInfo[]

An array of providers (for example, Google, Facebook) linked to the user.


uid: string

The user's uid.