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A Query sorts and filters the data at a Database location so only a subset of the child data is included. This can be used to order a collection of data by some attribute (for example, height of dinosaurs) as well as to restrict a large list of items (for example, chat messages) down to a number suitable for synchronizing to the client. Queries are created by chaining together one or more of the filter methods defined here.

Just as with a Reference, you can receive data from a Query by using the on() method. You will only receive events and DataSnapshots for the subset of the data that matches your query.

See Sorting and filtering data for more information.






  • endAt(value: number | string | boolean | null, key?: string): Query
  • Creates a Query with the specified ending point.

    Using startAt(), endAt(), and equalTo() allows you to choose arbitrary starting and ending points for your queries.

    The ending point is inclusive, so children with exactly the specified value will be included in the query. The optional key argument can be used to further limit the range of the query. If it is specified, then children that have exactly the specified value must also have a key name less than or equal to the specified key.

    You can read more about endAt() in Filtering data.

    // Find all dinosaurs whose names come before Pterodactyl lexicographically.
    var ref = admin.database().ref("dinosaurs");