Represents the Android-specific options that can be included in an admin.messaging.Message.



Optional collapseKey

collapseKey: string

Collapse key for the message. Collapse key serves as an identifier for a group of messages that can be collapsed, so that only the last message gets sent when delivery can be resumed. A maximum of four different collapse keys may be active at any given time.

Optional data

data: object

A collection of data fields to be included in the message. All values must be strings. When provided, overrides any data fields set on the top-level admin.messaging.Message.}

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string

Optional fcmOptions

fcmOptions: AndroidFcmOptions

Options for features provided by the FCM SDK for Android.

Optional notification

notification: AndroidNotification

Android notification to be included in the message.

Optional priority

priority: "high" | "normal"

Priority of the message. Must be either normal or high.

Optional restrictedPackageName

restrictedPackageName: string

Package name of the application where the registration tokens must match in order to receive the message.

Optional ttl

ttl: number

Time-to-live duration of the message in milliseconds.