Interface representing the server response from the legacy sendToDevice() method.

See Send to individual devices for code samples and detailed documentation.




canonicalRegistrationTokenCount: number

The number of results that contain a canonical registration token. A canonical registration token is the registration token corresponding to the last registration requested by the client app. This is the token that you should use when sending future messages to the device.

You can access the canonical registration tokens within the results property.


failureCount: number

The number of messages that could not be processed and resulted in an error.


multicastId: number

The unique ID number identifying this multicast message.


An array of MessagingDeviceResult objects representing the status of the processed messages. The objects are listed in the same order as in the request. That is, for each registration token in the request, its result has the same index in this array. If only a single registration token is provided, this array will contain a single object.


successCount: number

The number of messages that were successfully processed and sent.