DependsOn Allows a Kit to specify a Dependency for initialization. 


DelegateProvider Allows the implementer to provide a delegate to proxy concurrency methods  
Dependency<T> Represents dependency to be used with PriorityThreadPoolExecutor  
Task Represents a Task to be processed  


AsyncTask<Params, Progress, Result>

AsyncTask enables proper and easy use of the UI thread. 

DependencyPriorityBlockingQueue<E extends Dependency & Task & PriorityProvider> The DependencyPriorityBlockingQueue provides all functionality of a PriorityBlockingQueue while simultaneously supporting task dependencies using the Dependency interface. 
PriorityAsyncTask<Params, Progress, Result> AsyncTask that provides priority for PriorityThreadPoolExecutor  
PriorityCallable<V> Callable that provides priority for PriorityThreadPoolExecutor  
PriorityFutureTask<V> FutureTask that provides priority for PriorityThreadPoolExecutor Tries to cast runnable/callable to type that implements Dependency, PriorityProvider, and Task
PriorityRunnable Runnable that provides priority for PriorityThreadPoolExecutor  
PriorityTask Base class for Priority based worker Can also be used as delegate for non extensible existing classes, such as AsyncTask  
PriorityThreadPoolExecutor ThreadPoolExecutor that implements a DependencyPriorityBlockingQueue


AsyncTask.Status Indicates the current status of the task. 
Priority enum to define ordering for PriorityBlockingQueue in PriorityThreadPoolExecutor  


UnmetDependencyException Used when a dependency is required but not met.