Interface representing a Google Google Cloud Storage object metadata object.



Optional acl

acl: [{ bucket?: string; domain?: string; email?: string; entity?: string; entityId?: string; etag?: string; generation?: string; id?: string; kind?: string; object?: string; projectTeam?: { projectNumber?: string; team?: string }; role?: string; selfLink?: string }]


bucket: string

Storage bucket that contains the object.

Optional cacheControl

cacheControl: string

The value of the Cache-Control header, used to determine whether Internet caches are allowed to cache public data for an object.

Optional componentCount

componentCount: string

Specifies the number of originally uploaded objects from which a composite object was created.

Optional contentDisposition

contentDisposition: string

The value of the Content-Disposition header, used to specify presentation information about the data being transmitted.

Optional contentEncoding

contentEncoding: string

Content-Encoding to indicate that an object is compressed (for example, with gzip compression) while maintaining its Content-Type.

Optional contentLanguage

contentLanguage: string

ISO 639-1 language code of the content.

Optional contentType

contentType: string

The object's content type, also known as the MIME type.

Optional crc32c

crc32c: string

The object's CRC32C hash. All Google Cloud Storage objects have a CRC32C hash or MD5 hash.

Optional customerEncryption

customerEncryption: { encryptionAlgorithm?: string; keySha256?: string }

Customer-supplied encryption key.

This object contains the following properties:

  • encryptionAlgorithm (string|undefined): The encryption algorithm that was used. Always contains the value AES256.
  • keySha256 (string|undefined): An RFC 4648 base64-encoded string of the SHA256 hash of your encryption key. You can use this SHA256 hash to uniquely identify the AES-256 encryption key required to decrypt the object, which you must store securely.

Type declaration

  • Optional encryptionAlgorithm?: string
  • Optional keySha256?: string

Optional etag

etag: string

Optional generation

generation: string

Generation version number that changes each time the object is overwritten.


id: string

The ID of the object, including the bucket name, object name, and generation number.


kind: string

The kind of the object, which is always storage#object.

Optional md5Hash

md5Hash: string

MD5 hash for the object. All Google Cloud Storage objects have a CRC32C hash or MD5 hash.

mediaLink: string

Media download link.

Optional metadata

metadata: {}

User-provided metadata.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string

Optional metageneration

metageneration: string

Meta-generation version number that changes each time the object's metadata is updated.

Optional name

name: string

The object's name.

Optional owner

owner: { entity?: string; entityId?: string }

Type declaration

  • Optional entity?: string
  • Optional entityId?: string
selfLink: string

Link to access the object, assuming you have sufficient permissions.


size: string

The value of the Content-Length header, used to determine the length of the object data in bytes.


storageClass: string

Storage class of the object.


timeCreated: string

The creation time of the object in RFC 3339 format.

Optional timeDeleted

timeDeleted: string

The deletion time of the object in RFC 3339 format. Returned only if this version of the object has been deleted.

Optional timeStorageClassUpdated

timeStorageClassUpdated: string


updated: string

The modification time of the object metadata in RFC 3339 format.