The account conflict error. Refer to firebase.auth.Auth.signInWithPopup for more information.

Common Error Codes

Thrown if there already exists an account with the email address asserted by the credential. Resolve this by calling firebase.auth.Auth.fetchSignInMethodsForEmail with the and then asking the user to sign in using one of the returned providers. Once the user is signed in, the original credential retrieved from the error.credential can be linked to the user with firebase.User.linkWithCredential to prevent the user from signing in again to the original provider via popup or redirect. If you are using redirects for sign in, save the credential in session storage and then retrieve on redirect and repopulate the credential using for example firebase.auth.GoogleAuthProvider.credential depending on the credential provider id and complete the link.
Thrown if the account corresponding to the credential already exists among your users, or is already linked to a Firebase User. For example, this error could be thrown if you are upgrading an anonymous user to a Google user by linking a Google credential to it and the Google credential used is already associated with an existing Firebase Google user. The fields, error.phoneNumber, and error.credential (firebase.auth.AuthCredential) may be provided, depending on the type of credential. You can recover from this error by signing in with error.credential directly via firebase.auth.Auth.signInWithCredential.
Thrown if the email corresponding to the credential already exists among your users. When thrown while linking a credential to an existing user, an and error.credential (firebase.auth.AuthCredential) fields are also provided. You have to link the credential to the existing user with that email if you wish to continue signing in with that credential. To do so, call firebase.auth.Auth.fetchSignInMethodsForEmail, sign in to via one of the providers returned and then firebase.User.linkWithCredential the original credential to that newly signed in user.




code: string

Unique error code.

Optional credential

credential: AuthCredential

The firebase.auth.AuthCredential that can be used to resolve the error.

Optional email

email: string

The email of the user's account used for sign-in/linking.


message: string

Complete error message.

Optional phoneNumber

phoneNumber: string

The phone number of the user's account used for sign-in/linking.

Optional tenantId

tenantId: string

The tenant ID being used for sign-in/linking. If you use {@link firebase.auth.signInWithRedirect} to sign in, you have to set the tenant ID on Auth instanace again as the tenant ID is not persisted after redirection.