Interface representing ID token result obtained from firebase.User.getIdTokenResult. It contains the ID token JWT string and other helper properties for getting different data associated with the token as well as all the decoded payload claims.

Note that these claims are not to be trusted as they are parsed client side. Only server side verification can guarantee the integrity of the token claims.




authTime: string

The authentication time formatted as a UTC string. This is the time the user authenticated (signed in) and not the time the token was refreshed.


claims: object

The entire payload claims of the ID token including the standard reserved claims as well as the custom claims.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any


expirationTime: string

The ID token expiration time formatted as a UTC string.


issuedAtTime: string

The ID token issued at time formatted as a UTC string.


signInProvider: string | null

The sign-in provider through which the ID token was obtained (anonymous, custom, phone, password, etc). Note, this does not map to provider IDs.


token: string

The Firebase Auth ID token JWT string.