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An error returned by the Firebase Storage SDK.




code: string

Error codes are strings using the following format: "service/string-code". Some examples include "app/no-app" and "auth/user-not-found".

While the message for a given error can change, the code will remain the same between backward-compatible versions of the Firebase SDK.


message: string

An explanatory message for the error that just occurred.

This message is designed to be helpful to you, the developer. Because it generally does not convey meaningful information to end users, this message should not be displayed in your application.


name: string

The name of the class of errors, which is "FirebaseError".


serverResponse: string | null

Optional stack

stack: string

A string value containing the execution backtrace when the error originally occurred. This may not always be available.

When it is available, this information can be sent to Firebase Support to help explain the cause of an error.