Build, release, and operate successful games that delight your players.

Spend less time worrying about infrastructure, and more time building a great game. Quickly spin up your entire backend without provisioning your own servers, set up databases that store and sync player data in near-realtime, implement secure player login, and more.

Ensure your high fidelity game is high quality too. Spend less time troubleshooting with our powerful test automation and monitoring tools, use Firebase to distribute pre-release versions of your game to trusted testers, and identify, prioritize and fix crashes with Firebase Crashlytics.

Firebase games case studies

Halfbrick Studios, based in Brisbane, Australia used Predictions with Remote Config to serve an in-app promotion to players who were predicted to churn and increased their 7-day retention rate from 25% to 30%.

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Rockbite Games, headquartered in Armenia, used Predictions to optimize their digital store UI for players who were likely to make an in-app purchase. They also used predictive segments to improve their ad targeting and grew revenue from key audiences.

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Mighty Immersion, a startup based in America, is improving patient care by building immersive VR games for clinical settings. They used Firebase to build a complex backend device management system that allowed them to scale without hiring additional engineers.

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Firebase offers robust yet lightweight C++ and Unity SDKs. Get started without writing any Java, Swift, or Objective-C code and configure them to suit the unique needs of your game.