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Message your users with FCM and FIAM on Android

Learn how to communicate with users and build business with Firebase Cloud and In-App Messaging.


Introduce Firebase Cloud Messaging

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Learn how Firebase Cloud Messaging works and the benefits of using FCM to entice, engage, and notify your users through multiple platforms.

Set up a Firebase Cloud Messaging client app on Android

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Learn the requirements for FCM on Android and how to set up FCM in your app.

Firebase In-App Messaging: Engage active app users with contextual messages

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Learn how Firebase In-App Messaging works and the benefits of using FIAM to communicate with your app’s users.

Identify the requirements for sending FIAM message

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Learn how to set up In-App Messaging in your Firebase-enabled app.

Use FCM and FIAM to send messages to users


Learn to send messages to your users with FCM and FIAM, and explore use cases.

Messaging with Firebase quiz

Take the quiz and earn your Messaging with Firebase badge.