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Store and sync data between users and devices in realtime using a cloud-hosted, noSQL database. Updated data syncs across connected devices in milliseconds, and data remains available if your app goes offline, providing a great user experience regardless of network connectivity.
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Diagnose problems in your mobile app with detailed reports of bugs and crashes. Prioritize reports by frequency and severity of impact in the Firebase Crash dashboard, where you can monitor your app's overall health as well as track user flows. When you're on the go, stay informed with email notifications.
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Manage your users in a simple and secure way. Firebase Auth offers multiple methods to authenticate, including email/password, third-party providers like Google or Facebook, or using your existing account system directly. Build your own interface, or take advantage of our open source, fully customizable UI.
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Extend your app with custom backend code without needing to manage and scale your own servers. Functions can be triggered by events, which are emitted by Firebase products, Google Cloud services, or third parties, using webhooks.
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Store and share images, audio, video, or other user-generated content easily with powerful, simple, and cost-effective object storage built for Google scale. The Firebase SDKs for Cloud Storage add Google security to file uploads and downloads for your Firebase apps, regardless of network quality.
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Simplify your static web hosting, with tools made specifically for modern web apps. When you upload your web assets, we automatically push them out to our global CDN and give them a free SSL certificate so your users get a secure, reliable, low-latency experience, no matter where they are.
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Run automatic and customized tests for your app on virtual and physical devices hosted by Google. Use Firebase Test Lab throughout your development lifecycle to discover bugs and inconsistencies so that you can offer up a great experience on a wide variety of devices.
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Diagnose app performance issues occurring on your users’ devices. Use traces to monitor the performance of specific parts of your app and see a summarized view in the Firebase console. Stay on top of your app’s startup time and monitor HTTP requests without writing any code.
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Analyze user attributions and behavior in a single dashboard to make informed decisions on your product roadmap. Gain realtime insights from reports, or export your raw event data to Google BigQuery for custom analysis.
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Send messages and notifications to users across platforms—Android, iOS, and the web—for free. Messages can be sent to single devices, groups of devices, or specific topics or user segments. FCM scales to even the largest apps, delivering hundreds of billions of messages per day.
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Use Dynamic Links to deliver a customized user experience for iOS, Android, and the web. You can use them to power mobile web to drive native app conversions, user to user sharing, social and marketing campaigns, and more. Dynamic Links provides you with the attributions you need to better understand your mobile growth.
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Customize how your app renders for each user. Change the look and feel, roll out features gradually, run A/B tests, deliver customized content to certain users, or make other updates without deploying a new version—all from the Firebase console. Monitor the impact of your changes and make adjustments in a matter of minutes.
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Enable your users to share all aspects of your app, from referral codes to favorite content, via email or SMS. This out-of-the-box solution works with Google Analytics for Firebase, so that you know when a user has opened or installed an app via invite.
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Re-engage users with their installed apps with this Google Search integration. If users have your app and they search for related content, they could launch it directly from the results. If users don't have your app yet, an installation card shows up when they search for similar apps.
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Earn money by displaying engaging ads to a global audience. AdMob has all you need to implement first-class monetization strategies and to maximize the revenue generated by each user. It can be tailored to your app, and its APIs are built to integrate rich ad formats with ease.
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Acquire and retain users with the reach of Google. You can run ads across Search, display, and video as well as target specific user segments you define in Google Analytics for Firebase. Improve ad targeting and optimize your campaign performance.
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