Smart user segmentation based on predicted behavior

Grow your app with Google’s machine learning

Firebase Predictions applies the power of Google’s machine learning to your app analytics data to create user segments based on predicted behavior. Without requiring anyone on your app team to have ML expertise, Predictions can give you insight into which segments of users are likely to churn or spend (or complete another conversion event) so you can make informed product decisions.


Personalize your app experience to boost revenue and retention

Predictions is integrated with Remote Config so you can customize and alter your app experience for users in different segments. For example, you can show ads to users who are unlikely to make an in-app purchase as an alternative monetization strategy.

When defining a Remote Config, you can you can combine Predictions with other targeting options including audiences, user properties, device language, OS type, app version, and country.

Run more sophisticated messaging campaigns

Predictions creates user groups that can be used for targeting with notifications and In-App Messaging, right from the Firebase console. This way, you can engage users before they churn, nudge users who are likely to make in-app purchases, and much more.

Export your predictions to BigQuery

Prediction data can be exported to BigQuery for deeper analysis or use in third party services.

Insight into prediction inputs and performance

You have visibility into the factors the ML model considers (like events, device, user data, etc.) to create each predictive segment. You can also see performance metrics, which help you understand how accurate each prediction is. With these insights, you can better calibrate your risk tolerance settings.

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