Predictions Beta

Define dynamic user groups based on predicted behavior

Grow your app with Google’s machine learning

Firebase Predictions uses the power of Google’s machine learning to create dynamic user groups based on users’ predicted behavior. With Predictions, you can make informed product decisions without needing to build an in-house data science team.


Boost revenue and retention through customized user experiences

Predictions is integrated with Remote Config, letting you customize a user’s experience based on their predicted behavior. User groups update daily, as an individual’s behavior changes and we learn more about your app, meaning that you can always offer a fresh, personalized experience to your users.

Send smarter notifications

Predictions creates user groups that can be used for targeting with notifications from the Firebase console. This helps you engage users before they churn, reward users who are likely to make in-app purchase, and much more.

Create custom predictions

In addition to the default predictions—will churn, will spend, and will not spend—you can create custom predictions based on conversion events in your app.

Adjust your appetite for risk

Every prediction can be toggled between low, medium, and high risk tolerance. Higher risk tolerance means that while the user group will be larger, the probability that some of them will be false positives is also greater.

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