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GameNexa Studios 使用 Firebase 将应用内购收入翻倍并实现创收策略多元化
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GameNexa Studios 是一家总部位于印度的应用开发商和咨询公司。他们迄今已经在 Star Play Creations、 AppStar Studios 和 GameNexa 三个品牌名下发布了 40 多款应用和游戏,每月为接近 500 万位用户提供服务。除了发布自己的产品外,他们还帮助其他开发者充分发掘其应用和游戏的潜力。

GameNexa 最受欢迎的应用提供 GPS 和语音导航、行车路线、附近的地点提醒等功能,而且所有这些功能均可离线使用。“用户钟爱这款应用,因为它能提供本地化的语音导航指令,而且可以下载并离线使用,”GameNexa 的董事兼首席执行官 Srinivas Reddy Kamireddy 表示。


与许多同行一样,GameNexa 的收入流在新冠肺炎疫情的影响下遭遇重创。此前,该公司的大部分收入来自其免费下载的应用和游戏内的广告。但在新冠肺炎疫情期间,他们的许多广告客户大幅削减预算,造成了 GameNexa 广告收入缩水。在观察 AdMob 上的应用内广告收入后,Kamireddy 说:“我们注意到 eCPM(预估的每千次展示费用)显著下降。”他们也注意到了应用内购的下滑。

该团队需要找到一种数据驱动的方式,实现收入流的多元化,并抵消与新冠肺炎相关的广告收入损失,因此他们转向了 Firebase。

GameNexa 的屏幕截图


GameNexa needed to pivot from a one-size-fits-all strategy to a diversified revenue model that was tailored to their users. To do that, they needed to know more about their users and how they behave. So using Google Analytics, GameNexa grouped users into segments by language, session duration, country, and more, and used Firebase Predictions to identify which segments were likely to make in-app purchases. Then they used Firebase Remote Config and A/B Testing to test variables like ad frequency, placement, and in-app purchase offers on each group to find the most effective offer for each segment.

As a result of these efforts, GameNexa saw a 2.5x increase in revenue from in-app purchases (IAPs) and was able to bring their ad revenue back up to pre-COVID levels by doubling ad impressions. In addition, by "creating customized IAP packs with different prices for selected audiences, our conversions increased by 6x," Kamireddy said.

"Using Firebase, we increased ad revenue without any negative effects on user retention or user experiences," he added.

In addition, GameNexa also invested in improving their app quality for a better user experience. They used Crashlytics and Performance Monitoring to get actionable insights that would help them improve their app experience across the board. In fact, by reducing crashes by 5x and ANRs (Application Not Responding error) by 2x, GameNexa's user retention and session duration have further increased.

Inspired by their success, GameNexa plans to continue using Firebase for their future projects, including testing localized UIs for their global audiences. Through their consulting practice, they also plan to share what they've learned about the power of data, personalization, and agility in the face of adversity with other app developers.


应用内购转化率提升 6 倍

应用内购收入提升 2.5 倍

崩溃数量减少 5 倍

GameNexa 徽标

“Firebase 彻底改变了我们的业务局面。它让我们能利用所需的数据来适应困难的局面,在保证用户满意的同时改善收入流。”

- GameNexa Studios PVT LTD 总监兼首席执行官 Srinivas Reddy Kamireddy