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KCB Group lowers cost per install 24% with Google Analytics for Firebase
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KCB Group is the largest financial Institution in East Africa, serving nearly 10 million customers. In January 2015, they launched their mobile app, which provides quick, inexpensive access to financial services.

Non-customers can open an account without having to travel to a branch office. Existing customers can manage accounts and apply for loans easily and securely. For these reasons, KCB's app has been a strong driver of both engagement and new customer acquisition.


After launch, KCB Group wanted to raise awareness and drive downloads. AdWords was helpful, but the bank needed a unified way to measure campaign performance and user activity across iOS and Android devices.

Without accurate measurement, they worried that they were overspending on some channels. They also suspected that there was an in imbalance in their cost per install (CPI) between Android and iOS. They needed a single source of information for all app-related measurements.

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First, KCB integrated their app with Google Analytics for Firebase, which allowed them to log an event when users opened the app. They were then able to optimize their AdWords campaigns around this event, rather than a download, leading to a drop in CPI across both platforms.

"Using Google Analytics for Firebase, we matched customer acquisition efforts with in-app conversions, thereby optimizing our overall cost per acquisition," says Angela Mwirigi, Director of Marketing and Communications.

After optimizing their campaign with the help of Google Analytics for Firebase, KCB Bank increased their campaign's effectiveness even further with Universal App Campaigns, which allow for app promotion across Search, Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, and the Google Display Network.

Overall, KCB increased their campaign conversion rate by 14%, while lowering their CPI by 24%. As Mwirigi says, "Integrated with Adwords, Firebase is a powerful tool to drive both growth and user engagement."


24% lower cost per installation

14% higher conversion rate

85K app downloads driven by AdWords

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"Using Google Analytics for Firebase, we matched customer acquisition efforts with in-app conversions, thereby optimizing our overall CPA and driving measurable ROI."

- Angela Mwirigi, Director of Marketing & Communications, KCB Group