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Le Figaro 利用 Firebase 增加移动应用和 Web 应用的付费订阅量
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Le Figaro 创立于 1826 年, 是法国最老牌、最大规模的每日早报。该公司的愿景是向读者提供及时、 平实易懂、引人入胜的新闻。作为 业内首批提供数字化内容的公司之一,Le Figaro 通过 11 款 Android、iOS 和 Web 应用吸引广大订阅者, 这些应用涵盖新闻、体育、时尚生活与游戏等内容领域。Le Figaro 的移动应用 与 Web 应用拥有 大约 2200 万月活用户和 12 万 付费数字平台订阅者。


在已经饱和的新闻应用市场,Le Figaro 希望增加付费客户数量, 并留住现有的付费订阅者。要做到这一点, Le Figaro 的开发团队需要 以合适的价位和个性化的内容吸引读者, 但他们要如何在有限的时间和资源下实现这一目标?

Le Figaro 的屏幕截图


Le Figaro used a number of Firebase products to retain existing users and increase paid subscriptions. They sent targeted notifications through Firebase Cloud Messaging reminding customers to follow topics and journalists they found interesting. This helped reduce churn by keeping subscribers engaged in content they valued. They also tested different subscription amounts using Firebase A/B testing, which helped Le Figaro identify the price points that led to the highest number of conversions among both Android and iOS users.

Le Figaro found their biggest increase in paid subscriptions came from embedding real time interactive infographics into their mobile and web app articles. When a user added information into the infographic, it triggered a Cloud Function that accessed data stored in Cloud Firestore and returned a personalized infographic to the user in real time. For example, in the article "Are you rich?" readers could input their income into the infographic and compare it against different income groups in Paris instantaneously. The infographics was behind a paywall and users had to subscribe to gain access. According to Le Figaro, this infographic saw 3X the rate of paid subscription sign-ups compared to their other infographics. The team built this interactive infographic system in 3 days instead of their average time of 2-3 weeks using a traditional backend service. Using Cloud Functions and Cloud Firestore, they estimate they were able to reduce development time by 86%.


开发时间缩短 86%

交互式内容的付费订阅注册量增加 3 倍

Le Figaro 徽标

“借助 Firebase,我们可以轻松实现快速创新,为读者打造个性化内容,这彻底改变了 Le Figaro 的数字业务。在 Firebase 的帮助下,我们应用的保留率、下载量和设备使用时间都在不断提升!”

- Le Figaro 移动业务首席技术官 Valentin Paquot