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Rockbite boosts revenue up to 25% with Firebase Predictions
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Rockbite Games, a fast-growing game development company based in Armenia, is the creator of popular app titles like Deep Town. With more than five million users all over the world, the Rockbite team is dedicated to providing high-quality, immersive games that entertain and excite people.


For independent game developers like Rockbite, the biggest challenge of developing a game is, often, monetizing it. When Rockbite launched Deep Town, their latest mobile game for Android and iOS, they implemented two monetization models: in-app purchases and in-app ads.

First, they enabled in-app purchases within a digital store so that users could buy in-game currency such as crystals and chests. For people who were not inclined to make an in-app purchase, the Rockbite team also created a second option, which allowed users to watch a video ad in exchange for a reward of in-game currency. Rockbite wanted to increase revenue by modifying their digital store layout and improving ad targeting.

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Rockbite used Firebase Predictions to segment their users in a way that was not possible before. In the past, they tried to segment users based on demographic data and then tested different layout options on these groups. But the tests were inconclusive.

Predictions helped Rockbite segment users based on their likelihood to spend or not spend. Then, Rockbite used Firebase Remote Config to easily deploy changes to their digital store UI to these predictive segments. The results revealed that users in the "likely to spend" group made more in-app purchases if crystals (purchased with real money) were featured on top in the digital store. Rockbite also used Predictions to improve their ad targeting so that users in the "unlikely to spend" group received the second option of viewing an ad to earn in-game currency. This increased revenue earned from non-spenders as well.


25% increase in revenue in predicted spender group

24% increase in revenue in predicted non-spender group

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"Firebase Predictions and Remote Config gave us the power to target users based on their predictive behavior and rapidly test different purchase flows in our beta app. Without Firebase, we would not have become profitable in today's competitive mobile gaming industry."

- Avetis Zakharyan, CEO, Rockbite