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Tapps Games 利用 Crashlytics 和 Remote Config 提升了未遇到崩溃问题的用户率和 Google Play 商店上的评分。
Tapps Games 的屏幕截图


Tapps Games 是一家巴西开发商,月活跃用户数超过 1100 万,其产品阵容中有超过 400 款游戏,涉及多个类别(街机、休闲、益智、模拟等)。Tapps 的愿景是通过《Vlogger Go Viral》、《My Boo》和《My Virtual Pet Shop》等精彩的游戏为世界各地的人们提供娱乐,为他们架起沟通的桥梁。


对于像 Tapps Games 这样的大型游戏开发商而言,为用户提供稳定、高品质的游戏体验至关重要。因此,当其开发者团队必须为《Vlogger Go Viral》游戏里的视频创作流程添加自定义选项时,他们知道,必须密切关注游戏核心视频创建系统的稳定性,才能保证游戏的成功发布。


Tapps Games 的屏幕截图


To ensure all crashes were detected in a timely manner during the rollout of updates to the Vlogger Go Viral game, the team enabled Firebase Crashlytics crash alerts. Crashlytics' velocity alerts made the team immediately aware of an increase in the severity of crashes. This process would usually take days if handled manually through their local software development environment.

After being made aware of the crashes in the game, the Tapps team used the Crashlytics dashboard to investigate top crashes, determine how many users were affected, and identify the root cause of these crashes. Through this process, they realized the update to Vlogger Go Viral's video creation process and a community player event, which was happening simultaneously, had led to one of their screens crashing.

The release team then used Firebase Remote Config to shut down the buggy screen, and used Crashlytics to reproduce and fix the crashes for the next release. Once the crashes were fixed, the Tapps' team used staged rollouts on the Google Play Console to slowly release the new version to a subset of it's players before moving ahead to a full rollout.

Using Firebase Crashlytics and Remote Config during this rollout process, the team was able to increase their crash free user rate from 94.6% to 99.8%, recover up to 5% of player videos that were affected by the crash, and increase their rating on Play Store from 3.9 to 4.7.


未遇到崩溃问题的用户比率从 94.6% 提高到 99.8%

Play 商店评分从 3.9 提高到 4.7

受崩溃影响的视频恢复了 5%

Tapps Games 徽标

“我们的愿景是通过精彩的游戏为世界各地的人们提供娱乐,为他们架起沟通的桥梁,而 Firebase 是帮助我们实现这一愿景的关键合作伙伴,它为我们提供的工具使我们能够更迅速、更自信地部署新功能。”

- Tapps Games 工作室主管 Bruno Domingues