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Withings uses Firebase to improve app stability, performance, and rating
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Withings, a French tech company, develops products to help people live healthier. They have released over 20 products, such as smartwatches, scales, and sleep sensors, that have won numerous design and innovation awards. All Withings products are paired with their "Health Mate" app, which is available on iOS and Android. Health Mate lets users track vital statistics, see trends over time, and improve healthy habits. With more than one million downloads, Health Mate empowers users to take control of their wellness. In 2016, Withings was acquired by Nokia, but spun out as a separate entity in 2018.


Corporate acquisitions and brand transitions are seldom easy. The redesign of the Health Mate app after the acquisition disappointed users, which caused its app store rating to drop. When Withings became a standalone business again, its team faced three challenges. They needed to boost app quality, refresh the app's v isual identity back to the Withings brand, and also increase its app store rating. They were looking for a platform that would give them powerfuls tools to tackle all of these challenges in one place.

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The Withings team relied on Firebase to fortify their app. They migrated from Fabric to Firebase to use new crash reporting features in Firebase Crashlytics, like analytics breadcrumbs. Crashlytics gave the team insight into the events that preceded crashes so they could find the cause and fix bugs faster. Since Withings' products sync to their Health Mate app multiple times a day, the app makes frequent network calls. They used Firebase Performance Monitoring to stay on top of issues that could cause regressions and delays in sync time.

On the day Withings announced their separation from Nokia, Firebase Remote Config helped them rebrand their app by providing a controlled way to deploy redesigned features, without requiring a new release.

To increase their app store rating, Withings used Firebase Predictions to segment users who were likely to stay engaged with their app. Then, they used Firebase In-App Messaging to send a message encouraging these active users to rate their app. According to Play Store data, Health Mate's app store rating increased by more than 30%.

With Firebase, the Withings team seamlessly and significantly bolstered the stability, design, and rating of their app while undergoing a major transition.


30% Improvement of app store rating

15% Increase in daily active users

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"The greatest thing about Firebase is that it offers a variety of robust tools that work together so you can improve many aspects of your app - from quality to engagement to rating - all in one place."

- Benjamin Fellous, Lead Android Developer, Withings