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FirebaseInAppMessaging Framework Reference


The following classes are available globally.

  • The root object for in-app messaging iOS SDK.

    Note: Firebase InApp Messaging depends on using a Firebase Instance ID & token pair to be able to retrieve FIAM messages defined for the current app instance. By default, Firebase in-app messaging SDK would obtain the ID & token pair on app/SDK startup. As a result of using ID & token pair, some device client data (linked to the instance ID) would be collected and sent over to Firebase backend periodically.

    The app can tune the default data collection behavior via certain controls. They are listed in descending order below. If a higher-priority setting exists, lower level settings are ignored.

    1. Dynamically turn on/off data collection behavior by setting the automaticDataCollectionEnabled property on the FIRInAppMessaging instance to true/false Swift or YES/NO (objective-c).
    2. Set FirebaseInAppMessagingAutomaticDataCollectionEnabled to false in the app’s plist file.
    3. Global Firebase data collection setting.



    class InAppMessaging : NSObject