Firebase Summit

29 October 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

Join us to learn how Firebase helps mobile app teams of all sizes across the entire development lifecycle, from building your app, to improving app quality, to growing your business. You’ll also get the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback directly to the team that builds Firebase.

Learn about Firebase

Enjoy technical sessions, learn hands-on via instructor-led codelabs, and be the first to hear our latest news. We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on and want to hear your feedback.

Meet the team

Spend a full day with the engineers, designers, and PMs who work on Firebase. Get answers to your burning questions and give us your feedback to help shape the future of Firebase.

Build a community

Meet up with other developers from a variety of backgrounds. We are dedicated to providing a harassment-free and inclusive event experience for everyone. Let's be excellent to each other.