Representing the Firebase brand

Built with Firebase

Whenever referring to Firebase in the context of another app, always use the phrase "Built with Firebase". This includes in blog posts, press interviews, and in the app itself.

Built with Firebase Light logo

For lighter backgrounds with overlapping shapes or varied patterns

Built with Firebase Dark logo

For darker background with overlapping shapes or varied patterns

Built with Firebase Knockout, High Contrast logo

For solid darker backgrounds with high contrasts

Do not use the Firebase mark or any variant of the Firebase mark in conjunction with the overall name of your application, product, service, or website. Do not alter or use the Firebase mark in a way that may be confusing or misleading, and never use Firebase branding as the most prominent element on your page.

Standard lockup logo

The standard lockup can be used in slide decks and blog posts. It should never be used in-product or in a way that implies that Firebase is endorsing or has built the product.

Whenever possible, the logo should be represented as a horizontal lockup with a full color logomark and black 54% or solid white logotype.

Firebase Vertical Lockup logo

When there is limited horizontal space, a vertical lockup can be used with the full color logomark and black 54% or solid white logotype

Firebase Logomark logo

When there is limited vertical and horizontal space, the logomark can be used by itself without the logotype.

Firebase Knockout logo

When the yellow of the logomark has poor contrast with the background, a solid white knockout version can be used.

Product Logos

Each product within Firebase has its own icon. This icon can be paired with the Firebase logo to create a product lockup.

Product icon logo for Realtime database

Each product has an icon that is presented on an orange or yellow circle, depending on the icon. These icons should be used against a dark or neutral background. Use these when Firebase is already clear in the context (e.g. a presentation about Firebase).

Product lockup logo for Realtime Database

The icon can be combined with the Firebase logo to create a product lockup.

Do not use multiple product lockups together. There shouldn't be more than one Firebase logo in one place.


Google Blue 600


PMS 2174C

Google Blue 700


PMS 2935C

Firebase Yellow


PMS 123C

Firebase Amber


PMS 137C

Firebase Orange


PMS 716C

Firebase Navy


Firebase Coral


Firebase Grey


Sizing & Spacing

Firebase logo examples with at least twice the height of the logo

To ensure legibility, the logo should not be used with a height smaller than 24px.

For lockups, provide at least x-height x2 white space around the logo. Never crowd or overlap the logo with other elements.

Firebase logo that is 24 pixels in height

Common Errors

Common errors

Do not...

  • Alter or distort the logo in any way

  • Use the flat knockout in any color but white

  • Alter color, shape, or angles

  • Rotate or flip in any direction

  • Alter proportions, positioning, or placement

  • Replace the logotype with a different typeface

  • Use the old Firebase logo

  • Use the logo on a poorly contrasting background

  • Use the logo on an off-brand background

  • Overlap or crowd the logo with other elements

  • Redraw the logo

  • Use other Google branding in conjunction with your product

For guidelines on how to use other Google brands, see the Brand Permissions site.