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Santiago Garcia and Daniel Gomez Rico share how they are making home buying easier in Latin America by centralizing market listings and providing buyers alternative payment options.

Andrew Rowland, CEO of Classkick, shares how Classkick eliminates barriers in learning and ensures students can get the help they need when they need it.

Discover how Mark Turner and Ulla Hald are helping apparel retailers plan their fashion season, make better buying decisions and stay on budget by capturing purchase order details between purchasing managers and buyers in a shared database.

Matthias Friedrich, Android chapter lead at MOIA, shares how MOIA redefined commuting in Hamburg and Hanover by building an eco-friendly rideshare business.

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LaHaus: Transforming home buying in Latin America using Firebase Crashlytics and Performance Monitoring

Learn how LaHaus uses Firebase Crashlytics and Performance Monitoring to help prospective homeowners in Latin America buy their first home.

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Classkick: Eliminating barriers in learning using Firebase Real time Database

Learn how Classkick uses Firebase Real time Database and Cloud Storage for Firebase to eliminate barriers in learning and empower student development.

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FAVES: Simplifying apparel purchasing using Firebase Real time Database

Mark Turner and Ulla Hald share how they are using Firebase Real time Database and Firebase Cloud Functions to help purchasing managers and buyers coordinate apparel purchasing in the fashion industry.

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Discover the Firebase Spark

Firebase Stories: Show & Tell featuring Classkick

Deep dive into how Daniel James, iOS engineer at Classkick, is utilizing Firebase Realtime Database and Cloud Storage to build a scalable and usable app that handles real-time interactions.

Firebase Stories: Show & Tell featuring MOIA + FAVES

Take a look behind the scenes into how Matthias (Android Chapter Lead at MOIA) is using Firebase Remote Config to rollout and A/B test new features, and Firebase Test Lab to ensure new features are rendering correctly across devices. Additionally, Mark (CTO at FAVES) shares how FAVES is leveraging Firebase Real time Database and Cloud Functions for Firebase to optimize apparel purchasing between retailers and purchasing managers.

Use Firebase in your apps

In this guided tutorial, learn how to add Firebase Performance Monitoring to a sample app and measure performance during a feature rollout.

Learn how to add the power of Firebase to a Flutter mobile app, specifically how to create a Firebase project, install basic plugins and configure your app correctly.

Learn how to use the Firebase SDK for Google Cloud Functions to improve a Chat Web app and how to use Cloud Functions to send notifications to users of the Chat app.

Get started on how to use TensorFlow Lite and Firebase to train and deploy a text classification model to your app.

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