Representación de la marca Firebase


Do not use the Firebase mark or any variant of the Firebase mark in conjunction with the overall name of your application, product, service, or website. Do not alter or use the Firebase mark in a way that may be confusing or misleading, and never use Firebase branding as the most prominent element on your page.

Diseño final del logotipo

The standard lockup logo can be used in presentation slides and blog posts. You may not use it in a product or in any manner that suggests it is endorsed by or involved in building the product.

Diseño final del logotipo de Firebase en forma vertical

When there is limited horizontal space, a vertical lockup can be used with the full color logomark.

Firebase logo

Cuando el espacio vertical y horizontal es limitado, puede usarse solo el isotipo, sin el logotipo.

Firebase Monochrome logo

When the background conflicts with the full-color logo, the monochrome variant can be employed. However, it's still recommended to use the full-color version whenever possible.