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Acintyo uses Firebase to streamline and speed up app development by 25%
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Galarm adalah aplikasi alarm dan pengingat inovatif yang dikembangkan oleh Acintyo, Inc. Alarm kolaboratif yang dipatenkan ini memungkinkan teman, keluarga, dan rekan kerja untuk menyetel pengingat yang dapat berdering secara bersamaan atau berurutan di perangkat semua orang, sehingga pengguna dapat mengelola kebutuhan medis orang-orang tersayang, tiba tepat waktu untuk mengikuti aktivitas grup, mengelola jadwal pribadi, dan lainnya.

Galarm yang pertama kali diluncurkan pada tahun 2017 untuk Android dan iOS, kini memiliki lebih dari 3 juta pengguna di 175 negara. Pada Maret 2022, Galarm juga meluncurkan aplikasi web yang memungkinkan pengguna mengonfigurasi alarm dan pengingat seluler dari browser web, sehingga membantu menjadwalkan daftar tugas tanpa risiko terganggu oleh ponsel.


To build their app, the Galarm team was looking for a platform that would accelerate the development process, freeing up more engineering hours for feature-building. They wanted cloud-based infrastructure that they could get up and running quickly and securely, but without breaking their budget. It should also be able to scale as they grow and support real-time updates, which are critical for Galarm’s core functionality. Finally, it was important to everyone that their solution be backed by an established company that would continue to support the platform, with a passionate developer community so the team could ask questions.

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After a brief search, the team found that Firebase met all of their criteria. To start, they built a prototype using Realtime Database, and found the developer-friendly API easy to set up and use. Because the cloud-hosted NoSQL database stores and syncs data between users in real time, it made it easy for Galarm to build the collaborative features of the app. They also used Authentication to seamlessly implement user sign-in and onboarding. Based on the success of their proof of concept, they used Firebase to bring their vision from prototype to production and get to market quickly and safely.

As they grew, they used Firebase for even more, including Cloud Functions to execute long-running tasks without managing their own servers, Cloud Storage to store and serve user profile data, Google Analytics to gain insight into user behavior and plan their product roadmap, Cloud Messaging to send automated alarm notifications, and Hosting for their main marketing website and web app interface. They also use Firebase to measure their performance and In-App Messaging to engage users and share updates from the app.

Just as they’d hoped, Firebase allowed Galarm to focus on their core competency without spending too much time on standing up, maintaining, and scaling their backend infrastructure. Firebase streamlined time-consuming tasks by providing fully-managed, scalable infrastructure that easily integrated into their workflow, with ingrained privacy and security features that allowed them to automate tasks and increase development velocity.

Galarm is now developing a new enterprise tier for Galarm, using Firestore to scale more efficiently. Its advanced querying capabilities allow them to create charts and reports to track incidents without duplicating a lot of data, resulting in faster development.


25% - faster development time with Firestore, as reported by Acintyo

60% - reduction in operating costs

100% - uptime with Firebase Cloud Functions to date

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"Firebase has had a deep and positive impact on our app development experience. It allows us to stay focused on building an awesome and innovative app experience, never having to worry about whether something can be supported by the backend, as the plethora of integrated solutions allows us to bring all of our ideas to life - faster than ever before."

- Pradeep Singh, Founder, Acintyo, Inc.