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CrazyLabs Uses Firebase Remote Config to Maximize Revenue at Scale
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CrazyLabs is a hypercasual and casual publisher whose games have been downloaded more than 4 billion times. They run popular titles, such as Super Stylist - Makeover & Style Fashion Guru, Tie Dye, and Phone Case. Their business model relies on identifying potentially high-profit games early on among many applicants and helping them scale.


At any point in time, CrazyLabs can have up to 15 games that they are testing in order to maximize revenue without decreasing user engagement. Their tests involve running up to 30 configurations of ads plus in-app purchases setups to identify early signals for high potential revenue. They then use these signals to maximize lifetime value for different audience groups. They also test game level design to see what keeps users most engaged. With up to 30 configurations to test per title and multiple geographic groups, it's complicated and time-consuming to activate so many tests and find high-performing configurations. CrazyLabs had tried internal solutions and other third-party tools, but they were slow, unreliable, or not compatible with mobile apps. CrazyLabs needed a way to automatically perform their tests at scale, in a very short amount of time.

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CrazyLabs turned to Firebase Remote Config to help them automate their testing. Using the Remote Config API, CrazyLabs split users into different groups and assigned them permutations of configurations to test. Combining that with AdMob allowed CrazyLabs to measure and test various ad monetization options, like ad frequency, format, and placement for different audience groups for up to 15 apps concurrently. They also ran tests to optimize game level design, like where to add UI elements, or how hard a game should be. They could then export data into BigQuery and analyze the results to determine winning configurations. This allowed Crazy Labs to select the best option for optimization, out of many, within 7 days. "We could not handle the operation we have today without Firebase," said Eran Heres, CrazyLabs Chief Technology Officer.


Ability to run up to 30 tests at a time and determine winning configurations within a week

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"We could not handle the operation we have today without Firebase."

- Eran Heres, Chief Technology Officer, CrazyLabs