Summary of case studies


Acintyo logo

Acintyo uses Firebase to streamline and speed up app development by 25%.

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Ahoy Games

Ahoy Games logo

Ahoy Games increases purchases by 13% with Firebase Remote Config personalization.

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American Express

American Express logo

American Express reduced app test costs by 50% using Firebase Test Lab for Android.

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CrazyLabs logo

CrazyLabs uses Firebase Remote Config to maximize revenue at scale.

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Doodle logo

Doodle increased user engagement by 42% with Firebase Crashlytics and Firebase Remote Config.

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eBay logo

eBay Motors uses Firebase ML to quickly categorize images, reduce costs, and improve user experience.

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Gameloft logo

Gameloft uses Firebase Crashlytics to lower crash rates and increase player session duration by 16%.

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GameNexa Studios

GameNexa Studies logo

GameNexa Studios uses Firebase to double in-app purchase revenue and diversify its monetization strategy.

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Halfbrick logo

Halfbrick increases revenue by 16% with Firebase Remote Config personalization.

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Hawkin Dynamics

Hawkin Dynamics logo

Hawkin Dynamics levels up their product in 2 weeks instead of months.

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Hotstar logo

Hotstar scales with Firebase and increases engagement by 38%.

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KCB Group

KCB Group logo

KCB Group lowers cost per install 24% with Google Analytics.

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Le Figaro

Le Figaro logo

Le Figaro leverages Firebase to increase paid subscriptions across mobile and web apps.

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Mobills logo

Mobills increases subscriptions by 15% with Firebase Remote Config.

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NPR logo

NPR gains valuable insights into user behavior with Google Analytics.

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Onefootball logo

Onefootball increased users' sessions by 5% by testing features before releasing them.

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Playbuzz logo

Playbuzz marketing team easily wins independency to configure ads based on app insights.

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Pomelo Games

Pomelo Games logo

Pomelo Games uses Firebase to increase revenue by up to 35% without losing players.

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STAGE logo

STAGE uses Firebase and Flutter to cut release time in half

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Qtonz MBit Music

Vinwap logo

Qtonz uses Firebase to boost ad revenue by 4x and grow engagement.

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Tamedia logo

Tamedia increases subscriber conversion with custom alerts by using Google Analytics and Firebase In-App Messaging.

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Tapple logo

Tapple uses Firebase Remote Config to increase subscriptions by 8%.

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Tapps Games

Tapps Games logo

Tapps Games increases crash-free user rate and improves ratings with Firebase Crashlytics and Firebase Remote Config.

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Vinwap logo

Vinwap increases ad revenue by 30% with Firebase A/B Testing and Firebase Remote Config.

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