Firebase Demo Day 2023

Learn how Firebase can help you build, ship, and grow AI-powered, full stack apps using the best of Google.

The biggest news from Firebase Demo Day

Get up to speed on the major announcements to help you work efficiently, ship faster, and delight your users.

The top AI announcements

Check out this roundup of all the AI features we unveiled so you can harness the power of AI to be more productive and build smart app experiences.

Accelerate app development

How Duet AI in Firebase helps you build successful apps

Building a successful app requires a lot of hard work - and knowledge! You need to know how to optimize the use of your backend, how to secure your app from abuse, how to monitor its quality, and boost user engagement. In this demo, we’ll give you a sneak peek at Duet AI in Firebase – a new experimental experience in the Firebase console that leverages Google's AI-powered collaborator to help you find the information you need faster to be more productive with Firebase!

How to build an AI chatbot with Firebase and the PaLM API in under 10 minutes

AI chatbots can help you enhance your user experience, increase engagement, and even save money. For this demo, we’ve collaborated with the Angular team to show you how you can build, host, and run a fully functional AI chatbot within your Firebase apps in less than 10 minutes. We’ll go over setting up a front end with AngularFire, a backend with multiple Firebase products, hooking up the PaLM API chatbot to your application, and finally hosting it so that your users can interact with it. Learn how you can harness the power of AI to deliver a delightful user experience.

Abhishek Konidela

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How to build smarter and ship faster with the Firebase Flutter SDK and your Windows development workflow

The Firebase Flutter SDK helps you use Flutter and Firebase together in powerful ways, but you can still run into roadblocks during development. For example, if you can’t run your app on your local machine, you need to spend time setting up emulators or loading your app onto physical devices for testing. But your time is valuable! In this demo, we’ll show you our improved support of Windows for development using a template from the Flutter Casual Games Toolkit as an example. Now, you can reduce cumbersome development tasks to focus on the things that matter!

Cynthia Jiang

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Using AI to generate poems from pictures with Python in Firebase

Python and AI are a match made in heaven, which is likely why Google searches for "Python AI" have skyrocketed in the last couple years! Python is a popular, beginner-friendly language with world-class libraries for any AI application. Python support in Cloud Functions for Firebase is now generally available, so you can write your app's serverless backend in Python and deploy it to production. In this demo, you'll learn how to build and deploy a web app that generates a poem based on a picture in less than 7 minutes using React, Firebase Hosting, Python Cloud Functions, and Vertex AI.

Chris Gill

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Build, test, and deploy your Firebase web apps faster in Project IDX

Building a web app isn't easy, but configuring your development environment and deploying to a fast, secure, and production-quality hosting service can be! Check out Project IDX – Google's new initiative aimed at bringing your entire full-stack, multiplatform app development workflow to the cloud. Project IDX has support for your favorite web frameworks and even an integration with Firebase Hosting. In this demo, we'll show you how you can go from template to testing to tangible app with just a few clicks!

Christina Holland

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Run your app with confidence

Smarter pre-release app testing: AI-powered automated testing in App Distribution

Manually testing your app on all of the different devices out there is hard and time consuming - and means you have less time for feature development. To give you a more comprehensive and efficient app testing experience, we’re introducing a new AI-powered automated testing feature in Firebase App Distribution. In this demo, we’ll show you how an automated tester can help you ensure your app is stable and working as designed across devices and API levels - while greatly reducing the work you need to do.

Rebecca He

Chris Chestnut

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5 Firebase updates that improve your everyday development experience

The little things matter! Unexpected tooling behavior or a missing quality-of-life feature can be frustrating and slow you down. To make your experience with Firebase more delightful and efficient, we're strengthening our commitment to Swift and Kotlin and unveiling a web console makeover that includes a visit to the dark side.

Przemek Abratowski

Amanda Ke

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How to release safely and reduce risk with Remote Config and Crashlytics

Releasing new versions of your app and launching new features is risky. What if the new feature causes crashes for some users? What if it's slow and laggy? What if it's just not as popular as you had hoped? In this demo, we’ll look at two upcoming Firebase features that use the power of Crashlytics, Remote Config, and Google Analytics to reduce these risks and make your releases safer so you can launch with confidence.

How App Check helps protect your app from credential stuffing

Password reuse is a security risk. Unfortunately, this is something many app users do. When passwords are compromised, those user accounts become vulnerable to credential stuffing attacks, which is when a malicious actor tries to reuse those passwords on multiple sites in an attempt to totally take over those accounts. In this demo, we’ll show you how you can help your users mitigate these types of attacks using Firebase App Check and Firebase Authentication endpoints.

Scale with ease

Firebase & Terraform: The simple way to scale and automate your infrastructure

As your business grows, manually setting up your cloud resources becomes more tedious, time-consuming, and prone to mistakes. But Firebase now integrates with Terraform – an industry-standard tool for infrastructure-as-code that automates provisioning and configuring of cloud resources. In this demo, we’ll show you how Terraform can help you scale, even when you’re using several Firebase services like Authentication, multiple Cloud Firestore instances, and now even Firebase Extensions!

Mohamed Fouad

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