Case Studies: Cloud Functions for Firebase

Here are the ways that some of our early adopters are implementing Cloud Functions for Firebase.

Auger Labs

Auger is a mobile apps-as-a-service company for the art community. Artists receive their own beautifully designed, custom-branded Android and iOS apps tailored with their own content and featuring advanced technologies such as image scanning and recognition, augmented reality, GPS mapping, eCommerce, deeplinking, and beacon sensing. Learn how Auger used Cloud Functions to streamline image processing, payment processing, and more, all while remaining a completely NoOps, serverless environment. is an e-sports platform used by top players and organizers worldwide for games including Rocket League, Super Smash Bros., and Street Fighter. Smash quickly and easily set up Cloud Functions to act on changes in data stored in Firebase Realtime Database. With Cloud Functions, Smash can automatically trigger notifications to alert users of playable matches or to notify tournament moderators of player disputes.


Wuu is a bold, beautiful messaging app that enables users to instantly create and share exquisite personal moments that fade in 24 hours or vanish in seconds. With the help of Cloud Functions for Firebase, Wuu was "literally developed on the fly." Cloud Functions now provides virtually all Wuu’s core functions, and its ease of implementation, speed, and reliability allowed the Wuu team powerful flexibility to create quickly at minimal cost. Because they did not have to set up or manage their own servers, the first working implementation of Wuu was finished in a week.

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