public class FirebaseVisionCloudText extends Object

Nested Class Summary

class FirebaseVisionCloudText.Block A logical element on the page. 
class FirebaseVisionCloudText.DetectedBreak Detected start or end of a structural component. 
class FirebaseVisionCloudText.DetectedLanguage Detected language for a structural component. 
class FirebaseVisionCloudText.Page Detected page from cloud OCR engine. 
class FirebaseVisionCloudText.Paragraph A structural unit of text representing a number of words in certain order. 
class FirebaseVisionCloudText.Symbol A single symbol representation. 
class FirebaseVisionCloudText.TextProperty Additional information detected on the structural component. 
class FirebaseVisionCloudText.Word A single word representation. 

Public Method Summary

Gets the detected text.

Inherited Method Summary

Public Methods

public String getText ()

Gets the detected text. Returns empty string if nothing is found.

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