Beyond Pre-Launch Reports: Firebase Test Lab

When you upload and publish your Android application package (APK) to your alpha or beta channel in the Google Play Console, your APK is tested across a wide range of devices running different versions of Android. The resulting pre-launch report helps to identify crashes, display issues, and security vulnerabilities.

The pre-launch report is powered by Robo test, an automated test included with Firebase Test Lab. You can use Robo test to target specific devices, locales, or versions of Android for testing, and you can also use Robo test to test your app for longer durations.

Robo test is more customizable than the pre-launch report, but it is just as easy to use.

Test your APK with Robo test in Test Lab

  1. In the Firebase console, click Create New Project, and then enter a name for your project and choose your region. Or, if you have a Google project already, you can choose Import Google Project.
  2. Go to the Test Lab page in Firebase console.
  3. Click Run Your First Test.
  4. Click Run a Robo Test.
  5. Click Browse to browse to the APK for your app, and then click Continue.
  6. Select a single device, locale, screen orientation, and Android version that you want to target for testing, and then click Start 1 Test.

Get more from Test Lab

To run an unlimited number of tests daily, upgrade to the Blaze billing plan. To learn more about daily usage limits on the Spark and Flame plans, and about how usage-based billing is calculated on the Blaze plan, see Test Lab quota and billing.

If you want to test your app even more thoroughly and frequently, you can use Test Lab with continuous integration systems. You can also use Test Lab to run instrumented tests that you write specifically to test your app, and you can run these tests from the Firebase console, the gcloud command line, and directly from Android Studio.

To learn more about Test Lab, see the Test Lab introduction.

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