Protect your app from abuse with App Check

App Check uses platform-specific attestation providers to restrict access to traffic that's coming from your genuine apps. In addition to protecting your backend resources on Firebase, you can also use it to protect other resources or endpoints or your own server. Complete the playlist to learn about the versatility of App Check and how you can start using it today.


App Check in Context


Curious about App Check and how it fits with Firebase's other Security products? Start with this introductory video.

Verifying App Identity with App Check


Deep dive into Firebase’s App Check anti-abuse platform that helps protect your app and your Firebase resources.

Protect Firebase project resources with App Check App Attest


Learn to add App Check to an existing iOS app, including how to register the app and enable App Attest as an attestation provider.

Protecting your backends with Firebase App Check


Learn how you can use App Check to protect your resources on Firebase, and backend - whether it's run on a managed environment such as Cloud Run, your own server, or even a CDN.

Protect your app from abuse with App Check quiz

Test your knowledge of App Check and earn the Protect your app from abuse with App Check badge.