Gemini API Firebase Extensions: Quickly enhance your app with generative AI

Learn how the Gemini API Firebase Extensions enable you to add Gemini to your apps without becoming an AI expert.


Overview: Quickly enhance your app with generative AI through Gemini extensions


Building interactive experiences with generative AI is now easier than ever with the new extensions: Build Chatbot with the Gemini API and Multimodal Tasks with the Gemini API.

Learn about more AI Extensions from Firebase to Accelerate app development


Nohe and Khanh are on a mission to build a Flutter with Firebase app. In 24 hours, they've built a video sharing app that uses AI (via the PaLM API) to automatically generate video summaries for users. Watch this episode of Learning to Fly to learn more!

Try building your own Gemini powered web app


Use Firebase Extensions to add pre-packaged functionality to your apps with minimal code - including AI-powered features. This codelab shows you how to integrate two Firebase Extensions in a web app to leverage the Gemini API. Build AI capability into your app to generate image descriptions and summaries, and provide personalized recommendations in response to end-user input and context.

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