Build and deploy your websites and apps without managing any infrastructure. Preview, deploy, and roll back with one single command. Feel at ease with dedicated support and frequent updates.

Features to simplify your life

Preview your site with your team before going live
Serve the smallest, best-compressed version of your content, automatically, with Brotli encoding
Domain management -- use a Firebase-provided subdomain or register your own custom domain
No-cost SSL certificate for security out of the box
Auto-provisioned CDN for snappy access from anywhere
Top-notch documentation, learning resources, and sample apps
Effective scalability backed by Google Cloud
Support for when you get stuck comes free of charge

Three steps to deploy your site

Open your web app at a locally hosted URL
Deploy to a sharable, temporary preview channel
Clone to your live channel, or deploy from your local project directory
Whether you're building a static web site or something dynamic built on Node.js using a popular framework like React, Next.js, Angular, Vue, and more, Firebase Hosting’s CLI has you covered.
  • React
  • Vite
  • Next.js
  • Angular
  • Vue
Web sites and apps deployed to Firebase Hosting are automatically backed by a speedy, global CDN with great security out of the box. Behind the scenes, our infrastructure is powered by Google Cloud, so you can scale to meet your users where they are faster than ever.

Fast and secure, out of the box

Deliver your content securely with built-in zero-configuration SSL certificates. Files are cached at CDN edges around the world, and served as gzip or Brotli for the smallest, best-compressed version of your content, based on what your user’s client is able to handle.
Get started with 10 GB of storage and up to 360 MB/day of data transfer, free of charge. Custom domain, global CDN, and SSL certificate included.
Build on Node.js using popular frameworks like React, Next.js, Angular, Vue, and more. Deploy with a single command using the Firebase CLI: firebase deploy.
Combine Firebase products to help you build and run apps and games users love. Effortlessly scale with user authentication, Cloud Messaging, and more.

Learn to do more with Hosting

Know your visitors, your site's response statuses, the latency of end user requests, and more.
Github Actions integration to give you auto-deploy on push.
Serve country and language specific content, backed by the power of a global CDN.

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