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Gameloft uses Crashlytics to lower crash rates and increase player session duration by 16%
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Launched in 2000, Gameloft has a portfolio of over 190 critically-acclaimed, award-winning games played by 80 million people each month. In addition to releasing original franchises like Asphalt and Dungeon Hunter, Gameloft partners with major entertainment studios like Disney, LEGO, and Universal Illumination to build games for their most popular brands.


With such a broad portfolio and global audience, having the ability to monitor the stability of games in a holistic way is critical to Gameloft's success. Therefore, they needed a robust crash reporting tool to track and troubleshoot issues across all of their games. "We were lacking proper information about crashes, especially native crashes from our players," said Oana Radulescu, Deployment Operations Manager at Gameloft. Crash events were difficult to reproduce, and unforeseen technical issues were hard to track down and fix before they affected a large number of players.

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That's when Gameloft turned to Firebase Crashlytics. By aggregating crashes by root cause and highlighting the impact on players, Crashlytics helps Gameloft see what to fix first — especially useful given the large number of games they manage. "Crashlytics makes it easy to analyze stack traces, helps us prioritize issues, and provides vital information for each bug," Radulescu said. "We instrumented logs and keys to get details and context surrounding crashes — like the affected track or car in a racing game — so we can reproduce and resolve them faster than ever."

When one of their games, Overdrive City, was suffering from mysterious crashes, the team received a velocity alert, warning them that the issue had increased in severity. Thanks to the alert, the Gameloft team swiftly took action and found the culprit — a malfunctioning ad module — and temporarily deactivated it while they fixed the problem, reducing the percentage of users experiencing crashes by 10% overnight. Players appreciated the quick fix. According to Gameloft, in the subsequent weeks, crashes remained low, the game's Play Store rating went up, and session duration increased by 16%, from 6 minutes to 7 minutes. Since then, Crashlytics has become an integral part of Gameloft's ability to monitor stability, roll out features with confidence, and keep players happy.


16% increase in session duration

10% reduction in percentage of users experiencing crashes

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"We went from blindly trying to fix issues from vague user comments and incomplete stack traces to getting all the information we need to improve stability. Now we spend less energy on troubleshooting bugs and more time building amazing gaming experiences."

- Oana Radulescu, Deployment Operations Manager, Gameloft