Get to market quickly and securely with products that can scale globally

Build AI-powered experiences into your apps and accelerate your development with fully managed infrastructure, powered by Google Cloud, so you can focus on what matters most.

Enhance your app with AI features

Firebase offers seamless integrations with the latest AI technology from Google.


Build, test, deploy, and securely integrate AI features using an open source framework, local developer tooling, and integrated cloud services.

Vertex AI for Firebase

Build AI features by directly integrating the Gemini API into your client apps with our SDKs, available in your favorite languages (Kotlin, Swift, JavaScript, and Dart).

Machine Learning

Add machine learning capabilities to your app and deploy custom models that run on-device.

Store and sync app data at global scale without managing servers

Firebase lets you connect your app to a PostgreSQL database or NoSQL databases, all backed by Google Cloud.

Data Connect

Connect your app to a Postgres database in CloudSQL with simplified query management tools that make it easy to set up relational data structures.

Cloud Firestore

Build responsive apps with a NoSQL document database that lets you structure data the way you like and retrieve it with expressive queries.

Realtime Database

Store and sync data between your users in near-realtime, on or offline, with strong user-based security.

Build and deploy static and dynamic web apps without hassle

Firebase helps you launch your web apps without requiring you to set up any complex infrastructure.

App Hosting

Ship dynamic, full stack apps with the security and scalability of Google Cloud, streamlined deployments from GitHub, and support for modern web frameworks.


Deploy fast-loading, static web apps backed by a global CDN in seconds.

Protect user data and strengthen app security

Firebase offers ingrained privacy and security features.

App Check

Help protect your backend resources from abuse with Android, iOS, or web providers attesting that incoming traffic is coming from your app.


Easily add user authentication for sign-in and onboarding from a variety of providers.

Store data and set up server-side logic

Firebase offers products built on top of Google Cloud that are reliable and ready for scale.

Cloud Storage

Store and serve user-generated content as your app grows from prototype to production.

Cloud Functions

Write and run app logic server-side without setting up your own server.