Build web apps backed by Cloud Firestore

Learn to efficiently and securely store and sync app data with Cloud Firestore.


What is a NoSQL Database? How is Cloud Firestore structured?

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Learn about Cloud Firestore as a system for storage and retrieval of data, and how to identify the best use cases for using Cloud Firestore with your apps.

How do queries work in Cloud Firestore?

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Learn how to read and write data to Cloud Firestore, how queries work, and what kind of queries you can run. Updated with collection group queries guidance.

Security Rules! 🔑

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Learn about data validation, resource objects, custom auth claims, and how to get started securing data in your Cloud Firestore database.

How do Transactions Work?

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Learn how transactions work in Cloud Firestore, the difference between client-side and server-side transactions, how to perform atomic transactions, and how to avoid race conditions and strange inconsistencies in your database application.

Get to know Firestore for web


Learn to build a web app backed by Cloud Firestore.

Build web apps with Cloud Firestore quiz

Test your knowledge of web apps back by Cloud Firestore and earn the Get to Know Cloud Firestore badge. You must answer 7 of the 9 questions correctly.