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Release with confidence
and monitor performance
and stability

Release & Monitor

Improve app quality in less time with less effort

Simplify the testing, triaging, and troubleshooting process
Carefully roll out features and monitor adoption
Pinpoint, prioritize, and fix stability and performance issues early

Our Release & Monitor products

Track, prioritize and fix stability issues that erode app quality, in realtime.

Monitor user acquisition and feature adoption metrics as you launch your app with free and unlimited app analytics.

Slowly and safely roll out new features to ensure they're stable and performing well.

Get insight into your app's performance and address issues quickly.

Spot errors before release by testing and validating your app on physical and virtual devices that simulate actual environments.

Firebase App Distribution allows developers to send pre-release versions of their app to trusted testers from the console or using command line tools, as well as to manage testers in one place.