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Google Analytics for Firebase provides free, unlimited reporting on up to 500 distinct events. The SDK automatically captures certain key events and user properties, and you can define your own custom events to measure the things that uniquely matter to your business.

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Analytics surfaces data about user behavior in your iOS and Android apps, enabling you to make better decisions about your product and marketing optimization. View crash data, notification effectiveness, deep-link performance, in-app purchase data, and more.

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Analytics integrates with dozens of ad networks, making it easy with one SDK. Close the loop and send conversion data back to those networks to track and attribute app campaign performance across sources with postbacks to optimize campaign performance.

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Define custom audiences in the Firebase console based on device data and user behavior by utilizing events and user properties, and then use those segments for notifications, A/B tests (via Firebase Remote Config), and Google Ads remarketing. For custom analysis, you can export raw data to BigQuery.

Google Ads helps you advertise your app to the billions of people that use Search, YouTube, Google Play, and more. In just a few minutes, you can use your Analytics data to understand campaign performance, unlocking optimizations to find more engaged and valuable customers for your app via App Campaigns.

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Understand user behavior and view live usage data with realtime reporting. Use StreamView to get a live, dynamic view of your analytics data, and use DebugView to validate your analytics instrumentation by visualizing the stream of events logged by your development devices. Want custom reports? Stream your events to BigQuery in realtime, and create custom dashboards in Google Data Studio.

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When you link your AdMob app to Firebase, your Analytics reports incorporate ad metrics and AdMob revenue, giving you a richer view of the Lifetime Value of your users and the performance of your in-app advertising strategy.

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KCB Group, an East African bank, uses its mobile app as a primary tool for customer acquisition and engagement. Lacking a unified way to measure campaign performance, they worried that they were overspending on some of their acquisition channels. Google Analytics for Firebase gave them insight into their customer behavior across all acquisition channels, leading to a meaningful boost in conversion rate and reduction in cost per install.

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