Learn Firebase fundamentals

Learn Firebase fundamentals. Get started with a Firebase project. Explore key concepts and best practices for managing your project and user privacy. Master additional concepts beyond the basics.
Learn how to create a Firebase project, register apps to it, and integrate the Firebase SDKs for your products and platform: iOS, Android and Web
Learn about Firebase projects, including concept overviews, deep-dives into topics like project permissions and project management tools, or preparing to launch your app. Start by understanding Firebase projects and reviewing the launch checklist.
Protect user privacy. Learn about privacy best practices. Understand how Firebase can help protect you and your users. Read Privacy and Security in Firebase.

Jump into Firebase on your platform

Start developing on your platform now, following hands-on Codelabs and the platform SDK reference documentation.

Learn Firebase concepts

Learn about key concepts applicable to any app or project, like app security and launch checklists:
Understand Firebase projects
Review security checklist
Review launch checklist
Learn about more advanced topics that might arise in specific situations, like managing app installations or importing/exporting data:
Manage Firebase installations
Import segments
Export data to BigQuery