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Firebase App Distribution gives you a holistic view of your beta testing program across iOS and Android, providing you with valuable app feedback before a new release is in production. You can send pre-release versions of your app using the Firebase console or your continuous integration servers.

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Getting started with App Distribution is a breeze - simply onboard your app to Firebase with a few clicks. Then start managing your tester groups and sending builds via the web console, command-line tools, or our public API.

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App Distribution sends testers an email notification and has a friendly user interface that simplifies the sign-up process. Our app manager then gives testers the flexibility to choose which version to install, or you can keep your testers on your app's latest version via in-app updates.

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App Distribution gives you a centralized dashboard to view insights about pre-release versions of your app. Testers are able to provide you with timely feedback on usability and pairing App Distribution with Crashlytics gives you real-time crash reporting for your app.

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